Industrial Design Service

Supporting and running product development at any stage from concept to production

CONCEIVE Industrial Design projects begin with an idea that will allow us to do something faster, better, or as never done before.To take your industrial design project from vision to reality, CreatID starts with a quick market study and then continues with brainstorming, sketching, and bench-marking that will encourage internal discussion and inspiration.CreatID can assist with any type of industrial design project, from providing insight and locating information for discussion to supplying direction and establishing project scope for development.We pride ourselves on relating and capturing ideas clearly and exposing the most effective paths available for moving forward. DEVELOP Good industrial design is iterative and has clear direction. As a member of your design team, CreatID will traverse the options and decision-making to realize appropriate solutions to the problems project development invariably faces. Using well-grounded sketch and CAD rendering for either a physical product or the presentation of an idea for crowd-sourcing, CreatID will present tangible concepts for prototyping, realization, and further refinement.We excel when it comes to refining concepts to create well-executed product designs.
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a good model will provide you with an entire manuscript.
DOCUMENT Clear communication is essential throughout the product development process. Securing and sharing accurate information that captures design intent for our vendors is one of CreatID’s many specialties.Whether it be renderings that represent material and texture, exploded assembly views, 2D CAD drawings for shop floor creation, or production and end-user wordless assembly instructions, CreatID will make things clear.This also extends to onsite manufacturing management, which helps the entire team identify and incorporate opportunities for cost reduction and manufacturing improvements as your industrial design¬†project progresses. PRODUCE The final mile can make or break a project. Count on CreatID to find a vendor who fits the design scope and is committed to taking us across the finish line.Be it a pilot prototype or pre-production run, CreatID will ensure the project’s design integrity is maintained from start to finish.All manufacturers have their specialties and core competencies. CreatID has a proven history of working effectively with manufacturers to maximize their talents while maintaining focus on the project’s intent. Once the desired outcome has been reached, CreatID will hand off the finished product so that you can invest in marketing and distribution efforts.