Dennis Veatch, IDSA

Available Independent Industrial Designer able to bring your Concept into Production

About CreatID, Inc.

Pacific Northwest industrial designer Dennis Veatch, who founded CreatID in 2002, takes on full product development projects and supports clients’ efforts in-house, designing innovative, consumer-conscious products.

CreatID, Inc. is an Industrial Design service provider for each step of the product design life cycle, from branding and scope definition, concept sketches and CAD renderings to design for manufacture and production documentation and testing. Working with our vendor and contract partner pool as well as your own, CreatID will realize your vision.

Dennis’ portfolio includes design, engineering and project management for a diverse range of award-winning products in the consumer product, medical, technology cart, cutlery, tool, point-of-purchase display, and audio industries.

Regardless of the phase of the product development life cycle, CreatID can assist or completely manage the project from concept through production by engaging with the best professionals and vendors needed for the job at hand.

The CreatID Community:





Additional service offerings and expertise include:

– Hand-sketched concept illustrations
– Wordless assembly instructions
– Complex CAD modeling and rendering
– Hands-on prototyping
– Manufacturing documentation
– Pilot/Pre-production onsite management